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 11657422_10204844421576436_1796699725_nTransfer Analysis=Nadir Çiftçi

Nadir Ciftci is the new Bhoy of Celtic FC. While welcoming him to the Paradise, we have some questions about this transfer as well.  Does he have all the necessary requirements for this Europe adventure? Does he worth 1.5m? How do you pronounce ‘Çiftçi’?

First of all, Nadir is a good and young player (23) who is in a good shape, so yes he worths 1.5m. Celtic spent a lot of money on worse players so 1.5m for Çiftçi won’t break the bank. When we talk about Europe adventure, we can’t never predict what will happen. He is a young player with no European experience so he can struggle at the beginning. But when I see Çiftçi, I remember Hooper and if Hooper can do well in Champions League; why  Çiftçi would’t be enough for Europe adventure?

-He is stronger and won’t loose the ball easily.
-He is tall enough to make headers (same as Hooper, 180cm)
-He is a good finisher
-His technique is good, he can dribble

-He is a little bit slow
-He bites people
-No experience in Europe

Let’s not forget that he is a young player who can develop himself. If he works hard and focus on the game, he will do well in Celtic.

Once again, Welcome to Celtic Nadir Çiftçi!

PS: Pronounce ‘Çiftçi’ the way you want it.


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